3D Dental Imaging

At James Island Dental Associates we are excited to offer a new way of imaging for our patients. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weir now have the ability to perform CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) of our patients’ jaws with our new low radiation Planmeca ProMax 3D. We will be able to look at our patients’ jaws and teeth in 3D. This technology is especially helpful when planning for implants (single tooth or multiple), extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth), evaluating endodontic (root canal) teeth, and evaluating TMJ issues. Our patients will no longer need to go to an imaging center to have this done, but will be able to be scanned right here in our office.

Along with being scanned for implant placement, we will be utilizing Romexis software so that we can digitally place implants. Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas can make a thorough plan for your implant surgery, before any incisions are made. They will consult with you, so that you can feel comfortable and understand the outcomes of your surgery. Please call James Island Dental Associates at 843-762-1234 to see if you are a candidate for implant placement.

Complete information about this amazing technology can be found here.

What People Say

Several years ago, I experienced the drill hitting a nerve of which the pain was unforgetable. Since then, I have always expressed my "fear" of the drilling out part of work in my mouth. I ask for extra novocaine (I feel like I have to remind them) on every visit for work and Weir and Thomas comply with my requests. They seem to understand and make every effort to put me at ease--so "thank you" for that!

Kay O.

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