Wisdom Teeth Extractions

At James Island Dental Associates we provide surgical services which can include the removal or extraction of teeth.  Wisdom teeth or third molars are typically extracted early in life during the late  teens or twenties.  Many dentists and surgeons recommend extracting them due to the lack of room people have for them to erupt normally into the mouth.  This causes several problems including the inability to properly brush and floss, gum infections, soreness, and crowding of teeth.  Call James Island Dental Associates at 843-762-1234 for a surgery consultation.

What People Say

I was concerned when I was told I needed to have 3 fillings. On my last routine visit, I had to have 2 fillings. When the doctor explained to me why(my age, old fillings have worn off, etc.) it made more sense to me. He said these will be the last fillings I will have for a while. It made me understand. And, the receptionists are so nice. They are willing to talk to you about payment issues, especially when you don't have dental insurance and seem sensitive to the financial liabilities of their office.

Joanna K.

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