Root Canals

When a nerve inside of the tooth dies, there is a lot of pain, discomfort, possible swelling, and mobility.  A root canal is a procedure that is done to help save a person’s tooth.  Unfortunately, root canals have gotten a bad name, but with anesthetics today and sedation modalities, we can make you comfortable during the procedure.

If you are having tooth pain and/or swelling, call us at 843-762-1234 and let Dr. Thomas or Dr. Weir ease your tooth pain.

What People Say

No issues, just accolades! I thought everything went very well and was particularly impressed at your attention to customer service. Examples: both dentist and DA explained what they were doing at every step of the way, I got full answers to all of my questions (including a trip to the milling machine!), I was able to watch tv during the waiting period, and the receptionist was willing to make a special payment arrangement for me. You seem to have the needs of the patient at the heart of everything you do!

Jean P.

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