Overdentures, Dentures, and Partials

An overdenture is similar to a denture, but is secured in place by snapping into teeth or onto implants. An overdenture is very secure and depending on the number of implants utilized can seem “permanent”. Two implants in the lower can snug up an ill-fitting denture very easily.

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Dentures are removable prostheses that enable a patient to talk, chew, and smile. They can be made for upper or lower jaws.  Typically they are made of acrylic and can look very natural.

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Partials are removable prostheses that can replace areas of missing teeth.  Like dentures they can be made for upper or lower jaws, but these utilize teeth or implants to stay in. Partials have clasps that wrap around teeth to support them.  This is usually a more affordable option for someone who is missing a few teeth.

Denture Stabilization
Sometimes dentures, especially full dentures, can slip and move even with the use of denture creams.  Small implants can be placed to stabilze the denture, eliminating this uncomfortable  situation.
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Want Straighter Teeth?

You may want to consider the Simpli5™ System that we offer.

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