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Smile Gallery: Dental Implants

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Our patients love the beautiful smiles we create at our Charleston, SC office!

Take a moment to look through our before-and-after photos to discover what is possible with the quality dentistry we provide.

Before photo of dental implants | Charleston SC Dentist
Photo of smile after implants | James Island Dental Associates
Dental Implants
Ginny was unhappy with her loose fitting lower denture. We devised a plan that placed 2 implants in the lower jaw and attached Locator attachments to snap her lower denture into. Now she can chew and smile comfortably.
X-ray of dental implants | James Island Dental Associates
After photo of bridges fixed on implants | Dentist Charleston SC
Implants supporting fixed teeth
Gloria did not like the idea of wearing a denture, and she wanted a prosthesis that was fixed and not removeable. Dr. Weir and Gloria took a CBCT(3d x-ray) and created a comprehensive plan to restore her mouth. It involved 8 implants and 3 separate f...[Read More]
Dental implants | James Island Dental Associates
After photo of dental implants | Dentist Charleston SC
Implant supported dentures
Hank wanted a more stable bite with his dentures. His plan involved placing multiple implants that were connected to a bar that was screwed unto the implants. This bar adds a lot of retention when the caps inside of his denture lock onto the bar. Thi...[Read More]
x-ray of loose bridge | Dentist Charleston SC
Three dental implants added after gum grafting | Dentist Charleston SC
Implant and Crowns
Phil presented with a loss of his bridge and external resorption of his premolar. The bridge was non-restorable and the premolar had to be extracted. After bone grafting, three dental implants were placed and three crowns were fabricated to restore t...[Read More]