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Smile Gallery: Teeth Whitening

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Our patients love the beautiful smiles we create at our Charleston, SC office!

Take a moment to look through our before-and-after photos to discover what is possible with the quality dentistry we provide.

Old large silver fillings in molars | Dentist Charleston SC
New White fillings on back teeth | James Island Dental Associates
Composite Restoration
Brooke had some large failing silver fillings that she wanted replaced. We chose white composite bonded fillings to restore and enhance her smile.
Discoloration around old bonding | James Island Dental Associates
New bonding to correct discoloration | Dentist Charleston SC
Composite Bonding
Stewart didn't like the dark discoloration around the edge of his old bonding after he had whitened his teeth. Dr. Weir removed the old bonding and replaced it with new white composite bonding to blend to his new whitened shade.
Chipped Front Tooth | James Island Dental Associates
Composite bonding used to fix chipped tooth | James Island Dental Associates
Alyse unfortunately collided heads with another person while playing volleyball. Dr. Thomas was able to match her existing shade of her teeth and replaced the fractured teeth with white composite bonding.
Spaces between front teeth | James Island Dental Associates
Veneers used to repair gaps between teeth | Dentist Charleston SC
Porcelain Veneers
Liam was unhappy with the spaces he had between the upper front teeth. Braces would not fix this correctly because his front teeth were too small. He elected to have 4 porcelain veneers placed to improve his smile.