3-D Dental Imaging in Charleston, SC

Woman at Desk | 3-D Imaging in Charleston SCOne of our goals is to always provide the most modern, comprehensive dentistry available to our patients in the Charleston area. Incorporating advanced technology gives us a number of advantages so you can have optimal care and optimal results.

At James Island Dental Associates, we are excited to offer a new way of imaging to our patients.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weir now have the ability to perform CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) of our patients’ jaws with our new low-radiation Planmeca ProMax 3D. 

What Is CBCT?

This system allows us to look at our patients’ jaws and teeth in 3-D. This technology is especially helpful when we are:

  • Planning for implants (single tooth or multiple)
  • Planning an extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth)
  • Evaluating endodontic (root canal) teeth and TMJ issues

Dental Technology | Charleston SC 3-D ImagingInstead of producing a two-dimensional image like a standard or panoramic x-ray, CBCT produces a 3-D image. This image allows Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas to accurately and precisely visualize not just your teeth but also all the supporting structures, including muscles and sinus cavities. Using this information, we can plan your treatment from start to finish and know exactly what to expect.

With a high-tech and precise image like those produced with CBCT, the guesswork is removed. This allows for highly successful treatments, whether we're extracting an impacted wisdom tooth or replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant. While surprises can be fun on your birthday, nobody ever wants a surprise when they are receiving medical care!  

Convenience for You 

When we are selecting new technologies for our practice, we carefully consider the ways in which our patients will benefit from our investment. In addition to making treatment more comfortable and accurate and avoiding potential problems, our patients no longer need to go to an imaging center to have scanning done. Instead, you will be able to be scanned right here in our office, preventing additional running around and other nuisances.

Along with being scanned for implant placement, we will be utilizing Romexis software so that we can digitally place implants. Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas can make a thorough plan for your implant surgery before any incisions are made. They will consult with you so that you can feel comfortable and understand the outcomes of your surgery.

Learn More about the Services We Offer

Are you considering dental implants to replace a missing tooth? If you live in the Charleston area, please call our office. We can perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate. We know you'll appreciate the comfort and convenience of having your entire treatment completed right here in our comfortable office with our compassionate and friendly team.