Complete Dental Makeovers in Charleston, SC

Man Smiling at Desk | Dental Makeover Charleston SCWhile some people come to us with one or two things they don't like about their smiles, sometimes people need several treatments to rebuild and restore their smile. Whether your smile was damaged by trauma or a long-term lack of dental care, we can help. 

At James Island Dental Associates, our team can help recreate your worn smile. This may involve whitening, crowns, veneers, bonding, implants, overdentures, or other treatments.

What Is a Complete Makeover?

A complete smile makeover is a combination of treatments that will help relieve discomfort and improve the appearance and function of your smile. This allows us to address a mix of dental concerns all at once, including decayed or broken teeth, gum disease, exposed roots, crooked teeth, and discolored teeth. 

Because we offer comprehensive dentistry at James Island Dental Associates, including dental implants from start to finish, we can complete your makeover right here in our comfortable office. Many patients appreciate this and feel relieved knowing that they won't have to run from office to office to get the care they need! 

Each smile makeover is customized to meet the patient's unique and specific needs. Depending on the concerns we are addressing, your makeover may include: 

  • Crowns – A tooth-shaped shell that fits over the top of a damaged or broken tooth like a helmet to conceal and protect it.
  • Dental implants – A replacement tooth that consists of a porcelain crown held in place by a titanium replacement root. 
  • Extractions – If a tooth is too damaged or periodontal disease has progressed too far, we may need to remove and replace the tooth.
  • Root canal therapy – A treatment that relieves pain and preserves an infected tooth. 
  • Veneers – Thin shells that fit over the top of the teeth to transform their appearance.
  • Gum grafts – Treatment to restore gum tissue that has been lost to periodontal disease. 
  • Teeth whitening – A final touch to keep your teeth uniform and attractive. 

When you meet with Dr. Weir or Dr. Thomas, you will discuss your options and create a plan. Often, smile makeovers are completed in stages to make them affordable within your budget.

Smiling Man | Charleston Dental MakeoverCall to Schedule Your Evaluation

Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas are happy to offer comprehensive dental care. Because they have both taken many hours of continuing education, we are able to offer many services in one location. This means our patients get the best treatment without having to leave to go to another office. However, if for some reason a referral becomes necessary, we have some great and knowledgeable specialists we work with.

Your smile gives you confidence by boosting self-esteem. You can trust Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas to provide you with a smile you are proud to show off!