Children's Dentistry in Charleston

Young girl playing outside in the grass near Charleston SCLet us help your little one get comfortable going to the dentist!

From your child's very first visit, our pediatric dentists will make sure they feel welcome and that they receive the gentle care they need to develop a positive outlook when it comes to caring for their teeth. Starting your child off with high-quality dental care from gently and friendly providers will help them build a positive association and avoid the fears that are so common in adulthood.

Dental care is closely linked to overall health and well-being, and we want to help your child be the healthiest and happiest they can be.

The First Visit to Our Pediatric Dentist

Your little one's first dental visit at James Island Dental Associates is a great opportunity for both of you! It is a chance for our friendly team to help your child grow accustomed to our pediatric dentists, the dental office environment, and to have fun!

It is also a chance for you to ask questions about home care, habits, nutrition, and your child's oral development.

Our entire team will celebrate this occasion with you!

Importance of Healthy Baby Teeth

Protecting your child's primary teeth is important. In addition to looking adorable in photos and helping your child eat and learn to speak, baby teeth hold space and provide a guide for permanent teeth to erupt properly through the gums. Losing teeth too early could disrupt dental development and create a need for more intensive dental care, including orthodontics, as your child gets older.

When children experience decay or damage to their primary teeth, we will do our best to protect and repair them.

Group of children smiling near Charleston dentist officeGentle Dental Care in Charleston for Kids of All Ages

Few kids escape the need for at least one filling, though we always try to prevent them! When your child needs a filling or any dental treatment, you can count on both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weir to treat your child gently and to go at their pace. We always make sure your child's tooth is completely numb, and we explain what is happening in a stress-free way that is age-appropriate.

Creating a Fun, Interactive Environment

Our children's dentists in Charleston, SC enjoy treating children of all ages. We have video games, TVs, and an awesome kid-friendly staff! We welcome questions from curious kids and look forward to educating your children about the importance of good dental health with brushing and flossing demonstrations and talking about healthy snacks that promote strong teeth!

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weir both have children and can really relate to our younger patients, which helps make going to the dentist fun!

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We welcome kids of all ages to join the James Island Dental Associates dental family.

Give our Charleston dental office a call at (843) 762-1234 to schedule an appointment with our children's dentist. We can help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles!