Preventative Care in Charleston, SC

Smiling Family | Dental Cleanings Charleston SCWhile we can solve a range of dental problems, we know you'd much rather prevent them in the first place!

Routine preventative care, including cleanings and examinations, will help you avoid common dental issues like decay and gum disease. Regular exams also help us identify any problems that do develop in their earliest stages so they can be treated with simple and comfortable conservative therapies.

When a problem is caught early enough, often simply improving home care habits is enough to stop it in its tracks!

Why We Recommend Regular Exams

At James Island Dental Associates, Dr. Weir and Dr. Thomas want to keep you and your family smiling for many years.  

To help you keep your mouth healthy, regular dental visits are recommended. A professional dental cleaning is usually recommended every six months, and x-rays are taken yearly. Of course, each patient is different, so our recall appointments reflect your level of hygiene.

During your examination, Dr. Weir or Dr. Thomas will perform a visual and tactile check of your teeth and the surrounding structures and soft tissue. We are looking for signs of decay, gum disease, teeth grinding, chronic jaw pain, and other issues that will help you have a healthier and more comfortable smile.

Every exam also includes a routine oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is a serious condition, but outcomes are generally good when it is caught and treated early. 

Using x-rays, we'll look for decay or infections that are happening beneath the surface of your teeth. X-rays also help us check bone density levels so we can identify any problems that require intervention. Our advanced technology, including digital x-rays, intra-oral camera, and Diagnodent, makes it easy for you to be an active participant in your care and make informed decisions about your treatment.

Woman in Dental Chair | Preventative Dentistry Charleston SCYour Dental Cleaning

Our hygienists are skilled at performing comfortable, yet thorough dental cleanings. Many people ask us why a dental cleaning is necessary when they brush and floss as recommended at home. There are actually a few reasons: 

  • It's essentially impossible for you to remove all traces of plaque with a toothbrush and floss. Once plaque calcifies into tartar, it can only be removed with a hygienist's specialized instruments. 
  • We can identify any weak areas in your home care routine and help you improve for the best possible results. 
  • During your cleaning, your hygienist will be on the lookout for signs of gum disease and other problems. Your hygienist will notify your dentist right away if anything unusual or concerning is spotted.

Call to Schedule Your Next Cleaning!

At James Island Dental Associates, we believe patients should fully understand what dental health means. These services allow our patients to achieve optimum dental health.  

Let Dr. Thomas and Dr. Weir evaluate your dental condition to help keep you smiling for years!